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Patrick Penticoff – Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio by Patrick Penticoff

Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio by Patrick Penticoff

Patrick Penticoff
Landscape Architecture

Patrick Penticoff Landscape Architecture

A little about me and my design philosophy

Hello, thank you for visiting my personal portfolio website!  I believe this is the best way to share a Design Portfolio today.


I started to become a Landscape Architect at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the year 2001.  I graduated with honors in 2007.  I started my
professional career in 2004 with an internship that turned into a full time job.  During my time in Las Vegas, I worked for three professional Landscape and Construction Firms, one of which
worked throughout the entire Southwest United States. 
In 2013, my family and I moved to Houston, Texas.  I currently manage a Landscape and Pool
Construction Company. 


Along with my design skills, I have been very successful at promoting my websites and company websites.  Not only did I build this website but a variety of
websites for clients.  I’m my own “SEO” expert and have seen great results. 


I would like to think that I’m a type of person on top of all the new trends in Architecture.  I have all the latest software and the best 3D software on the
market.  It has been challenging process to learn so much but the hard work is starting to show. 


One thing I would like to say about my design skills is that you can be a great designer, but you also need to know how to present and promote your work in order to
close projects.  If you found this page you know what I can do for you!


Please click through all the tabs on this site to see the full range of design work I can create…

Portfolio – South Texas

Houston Metro Area Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio

Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio in Southern Texas

Portfolio – Southwest U.S.

Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio in the Southwest U.S. by Patrick Penticoff

Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio in the Southwest U.S.

Take a look at the quality and effort put into every project by checking out my work created at academic and the professional world.


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